Introduction: Stirling Engine From Waste

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It’s a great opportunity to publish my project on Instructables. I’m so excited.

I have made Stirling Engine with the help of plastic waste and cold drink cans.

This is my hobby to make new things from the solid waste products because I think that one can make “Best from the Waste”. This Engine is very helpful in knowing the Thermodynamic Principles as well as it is interesting too.

Let’s make it.

You will need following materials

  • Cold drink Aluminium cans
  • Pen Refills
  • PVC Elbow
  • Flywheel from old tape recorder
  • Glue
  • Metal cutter
  • Steel Wool
  • Old Mosquito Killer Machine
  • Screws
  • Earphone Wire
  • Spokes of Cycle Rim
  • Rubber Band

Step 1: Prepare the Shape of Elbow

First of all, prepare the cylindrical shape of the elbow by rubbing one of its face on sandpaper.

Step 2: Preparation of the Cylinder of the Engine

For this we need a cold drink can and with the help metal cutter, cut the upper portion 1.5 cm from the top surface and make a hole whose diameter equal to the elbow inner diameter on the side of can and with the help of glue stick elbow on it.

Step 3: Crank Shaft Holder

This can be made with the help of rim spoke and mosquito killer machine's plastic waste.

Step 4: Piston of Engine

Having slightly small diameter than the cylinder. It can be prepared by using Steel wool which act as heat exchanger and bind a earphone wire with it.

Step 5: Other Parts

Parts like upper portion with a mini hole can be made with the help of cold drink can and a pen nib, in order to maintain pressure in the can. Rocker arm can be made by pen refill and pins on its ends. And the Ballon with screw plays the role of Power Piston, which is to be bind on the other end of elbow.

Step 6: Flywheel

From Old Tape Recorder

Step 7: Supporting Frame

Made in Sheet Metal Shop

Step 8: Assembling

Now assemble all the parts on the frame. Tight the Screws.

This can be run with the help of Candle as well as with the gas lighter.


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