Introduction: Stone Planter in 4 Steps

This Stone Planter is very easy to make and does not need a lot of time or a lot of tool to build it. I took me around 2 hours to find the rocks that were flat and great for that project and place them in a circle to allow the soil to be in it. I recommend to take some quality soil as it will allow you plants to grow better. I put fast growing salad crops that will grow in about five days and I will put a picture up once the plants have grown. I hope you like this project and that you can find the time to build it because this is very easy and only need few supplies.


The Supplies you need to build this are:

  • About 10 rocks that are flat and stable (It depends on the size you want your planter to have)
  • 2kg of organic soil
  • Seeds and Water
  • Some time (2hr)

Step 1: Find Good Rocks -

The First step for this project is maybe the longest, you have to find rocks that are flat and stable like bricks so you can make the planter higher and stable. Once you found the rocks, you can wash them with some water and sand them if needed.

Step 2: Build the Planter

The next Step is to place the rocks to make a circle that is high enough for the roots of your plants to grow and strong enough so that rain does not make it fall apart. Once the circle is finished, you can then add the soil and remove any rocks from the soil.

Step 3: Plant the Seeds and Water Them-

The Final Step is to plant the seeds. You can do so by making a small hole with your fingers and place 4 to 5 seeds inside it. Then, cover the holes with some soil and water the seeds everyday. Enjoy!

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