Introduction: Stop Roller Blinds From Swinging

To avoid drilling into the window frames, I decided to try using magnets to keep the roller blinds in place. Opening doors and windows was causing them to swing away and bang against the frame.
I found Gauder magnetic tape online, which replaced the need to affix any magnetic metal to the frames.


-Gauder magnetic tape
-Earth magnets (either 3M self-adhesive or Gorilla metal glue or equivalent)

Step 1: Attach an Earth Magnet to the Inside of the Blind.

I found these self-adhesive ones by 3M. Otherwise use Gorilla Glue for metals or an equivalent.

Step 2: Use Gauder Magnetic Tape

Simply stick a corresponding length on the window frame where you want the magnet to fasten.
My roller blinds are beside the front door, and before I fixed them, they would swing away and slam back every time the door was opened.
This was an easy fix.