Introduction: Stopping Carrier SMS ADs! (in Android)

I dont know about you, but I absolutely hate getting ads from my carrier via SMS (or any method). I cant stand it. I stamp around, shake my fist to the nearest cell tower then delete the offending SMS ad.

To my carrier: you already got my money, leave me in peace to enjoy my phone. Messages are for important things! I dont care about your promotion for 2 hours extra talk time on Saturday night...offer expires last Saturday. WTH!


Ok Here's how I attempted removal of this annoying feature.

Step 1: Getting to the Culprit.

So, after all this time, this is where we start.

STEP 1! (private joke with a special someone). In the SMS settings menu, this is where we must journey.

Next go to PUSH Messages.

Turn that wickedness OFF!

Whew, the journey ends. Peace has returned to the land (in my brain).

IF for some wierdo reason I need this feature re-instated, the PUSH evil can be turned on (temporarily). Back to work people.