Introduction: Store Your Shoes Using Tennis Balls!

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When shoe's aren't on our feet they need somewhere to go, and shoe mountain is a cruel fate!

Storing shoes is awkward, they don't stack well and they collect dust like it's going out of fashion! This solution is on the creative side of storage solutions but it works a treat.

You cannot be serious!

It surprised us too :) Who knew the humble tennis ball would make such perfect soft hooks to hold shoes securely where you need them — on the inside of a closet door, or a storage cupboard, or the side of a filing cabinet at work. Oh dear, this idea is a little infectious... ;)

Unlike other glues, Sugru is three-dimensional and fills weird gaps, so you can stick odd shapes like this together easily. And because Sugru is removable you can take them away again in years to come, if you ever need to.

Check out our new video to see it in action!

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Step 1: Divide Your Sugru

Divide your sachet of Sugru as shown here — so you have two large pieces and four pea sized pieces.

Top Tip: Each sachet of Sugru is enough to attach two tennis balls and store one pair of shoes.

Step 2: Add a Base Layer to the Tennis Balls

Smudge one of the pea sized pieces of Sugru onto the surface of the tennis ball — this will helps to ensure a strong Sugru bond.

Top Tip: Make sure the Sugru smudges deep into the fuzzy layer of the tennis ball.

Watch the short video here for tips on applying sugru this way.

Step 3: Add a Base Layer to the Closet Door

Press another pea-sized piece of Sugru onto the closet door, at the point you want the ball to be attached. Press the Sugru down with your finger until it is evenly spread into a small circle.

Check out the quick video for some tips on applying Sugru this way.

Step 4: Build a Sugru Pyramid

  • Take one of the large pieces of Sugru and roll it into a sausage.
  • Then press the Sugru sausage onto the smudged Sugru already on the tennis ball
  • Shape the Sugru into a little pyramid.

Step 5: Attaching the Tennis Ball

  • Line up the Sugru pyramid with the Sugru blob on your closet door.
  • Press the tennis ball carefully, but firmly, until the Sugru begins to squidge out of the sides.

Unlike other glues, Sugru is three-dimensional and fills weird gaps, so you can stick odd shapes like this together. And because Sugru is removable you can always take them away again in years to come, if you ever need to :)

Step 6: Secure the Tennis Balls With Tape

  • Secure the tennis balls with tape to hold them in place while the Sugru cures overnight.

  • In 24 hours, remove the tape.

Reminder: You can attach two tennis balls with a single use sachet of Sugru.

Repeat steps 2-6 to attach more tennis balls, as you require.

Step 7: Say Goodbye to Shoe Mountain!

The Sugru will now be set and the tennis balls will be securely held in place and ready to use! So you can finally kiss goodbye to that dusty mountain of shoes :)

And of course you don't have to do this project in your closet — Sugru sticks to most materials, so you can find do this anywhere it would be useful... under the stairs, in a cupboard, or maybe on your filing cabinet at work?

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