Introduction: Storing 72 Bras

How to store 72 or more bras vertically in a closet.

Step 1: Piles and Piles of Expensive Bras

I was creating a project to make a resistor color code chart using pictures of different color bras on a model: The model I used had a LOT of different color bras, as well as a bra storage problem.

Once she was done changing into and out of all of the different colored bras that I needed to photograph, the bras ended up in a pile. These were nice Victoria's Secret bras that she wanted to keep in good shape.

Step 2: Closet Space

She had room in her closet. A vertical section in the middle would accommodate a lot of bras stored from the top of the closet to the bottom.

Step 3: Trip to Hardware Store, Not Victoria's Secret

I made a trip to the hardware store and picked up the chains and hooks pictured above.

I unlinked all of the decorative chain and bent each link to be an impromptu hook.

The utility chain I cut to length. Each of 5 lengths needed to reach from the top of the closet to within 8 inches of the floor.

Step 4: Screwing

I screwed the five white hooks into the top shelf of the closet. They were spaced so that two rows of bras could be hung against the back wall of the closet, and one row of bras on each side.

I hung the utility chain from the hooks.

Step 5: Hanging

I used two of the many hooks that I made from bending the links of the decorative chain to hang the first bra. the hook on the right side of the bra will be shared by the next bra to the right.

I had grabbed a random bra to test this, but apparently the bras need to be hung in order... :-P the red bra was placed at the top.

Step 6: Room for Seventy Two!

Hanging the bras on hooks attached to chains is a very efficient and inexpensive way to store bras. They don't get crushed in drawers. They are all visible at once.

This doesn't have to be done in a closet. It can be done against a wall in a changing room, or two vertical sections can hang on the back of a door.

There is room in this setup for a total of 72 bras.