Introduction: How to Make a Star Wars Chair

These are the steps needed to turn a simple FunWithWoodworking Adirondack chair into a Star Wars chair!


8 - 2x4's
Black spray paint
Miter Saw
Hand held Router
Random Orbit Sander
Wood stain

Step 1: Build the Chair

Go to , download the plans, and build the chair.

You can also watch a video of the chair building process above.

Step 2: Print and Assemble the Helmet

Do a google image search for "stormtrooper helmet clipart"

Enlarge the image and print it on 6 sheets of paper.

Trim the inside edges and tape them together

Step 3: Transfer the Image to the Seat Back

Remove the seat back from the chair and staple the assembled image to it.

Cut out and remove all the black parts with some sort of sharp knife or razor blade.

Use spray paint in the cut out parts to make a stenciled image.

Step 4: Route Out the Wood

Use a hand held router to cut a 1/8" deep channel into all the areas painted black

Step 5: Paint the Routed Areas

Paint the routed out channel in black.

You can use spray paint or a brush for this step.

Step 6: Sand Off the Excess Paint

Sand the face of each piece of wood to remove any excess paint that is not in the routed out channel.

Step 7: Stain and Paint

Apply your favorite wood stain to the seat back and seat slats. In this case I used "Golden Oak" made by Varathane.

Paint or stain the remaining pieces your favorite color.

Step 8: Reassemble the Chair

You have already built the chair once so reassembling it should be easy.

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