Strawbee Sphere

Introduction: Strawbee Sphere

Start learning how to create basic 3D shapes with Strawbees

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

1. 12 of the Five Pronged Strawbee connectors

2. 31 Straws

Step 2: Assembling

1. Starting with your first 5 pointed Strawbee attached 5 straws.

2. Working in triangles, keep connecting 5 pointed Strawbees and straws.

3. Make sure to curve your pieces into a ball shape to insure that you are creating a sphere.

4. Once you have used your 12 Strawbees and 31 straws, you should have a sphere.

Step 3: Optional Steps: Nesting Sphere

Recreate the sphere in a small size to nest inside the larger sphere.

Follow the main sphere steps, but just use straws that are half the length as the original sizes.

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