Introduction: Strawbees Flower

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What about a nice present that can be easily and quickly made with some straws and Strawbees :)

Step 1: Parts Needed and Getting Started

Collect 2 pieces of Strawbees that have 5 arms. Grab 1 that has only 1 arm.

Connect the 2 big pieces with the single armed Strawbee and add a straw to function as a stem.

Now add the first leaf: connect one side, bent, skip 2 arms, and connect to the other strawbee.

Step 2: Adding More Leafs

Continue like this until you have 5 leafs. Your flower is ready!

Now it only needs to be planted ;)

Step 3: Change the Heart

You can add an extra big heart to the flower by adding the big circle.

Step 4: Changing the Position of the Flower

By adding another single arm strawbee, you can easily change the position of the flower: either to be staring at the sun, or positioned more like a windmill.

Step 5:

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