Introduction: Strawberry Banana Cheesecake Without Baking

  1. Ingredients

For sand base

200 gr. shortbread

70 gr. softened butter

For cream cheese
600 gr cream cheese

150 gr. sugar

240 gr. cream 33%

25 gr gelatin

125 ml water for gelatin

1/2 tea lies. vanilla extract

150 gr Strawberres

3 banana

Step 1: Preparing the Basis for Cheesecake

Preparing the basis for cheesecake. 200gr. crush shortbread cookies.

Step 2: Mix Well

70g softened butter, mix well.

Step 3: Crumbs From the Cookies

We cover the form with a diameter of 22cm with baking paper. We distribute the crumbs from the cookies from above, seal it with the bottom of the glass. Put the prepared base in the refrigerator or in the freezer for solidification

Step 4: Soak Gelatin

Soak gelatin in cold water for 15 minutes.

Step 5: Whip Cream

Whip cream until soft peak forms.

Step 6: Whip Cream or Curd Cheese

Whip cream or curd cheese with sugar and vanilla extract.

Step 7: ​Put Beaten

Put beaten cheese on cookies

Step 8: ​Сut the Banana

Сut the banana with staples and lay it on

Step 9: Fill Jelly

Cooking raspberry jelly. Pre-soak gelatin in cold water. 100g combine raspberries with 350ml of water and 60g. sugar (you can taste), bring to a boil, cook for one minute. Filter the compote, add the swollen gelatin, mix until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Cool to room temperature and fill

Step 10: Bon Appetit!​

We take out the frozen cheesecake from the mold, transfer it to the dish. Bon Appetit!