Introduction: Strawberry Cream Floats for the Summer

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Strawberries, 1 cup of heavy whipping cream, 2 tbsp of confectioners sugar, 1 cup of suage, 1/2 of lime juice, 2 cups of chilled carbonated water, 2 pkg (14oz. each) frozen strawberries (about 6 cups) thawed

4 cups of vanilla ice cream, sliced fresh strawberries (optional)

Step 1: Putting It Together

in small bowl beat cream until it begins to thicken, add confectioners sugar, beat until soft peasks form, refrigerate until serving

place strawberries and sugar and lime juice in a blender, cover and process until pureed, press through fine-mesh strainer into a pitcher, discard seeds, stir in chilled carbonated water

divide ice cream among 8 glasses, our strawberry soda over ice cream, top with cream and if desired fresh strawberries, serve immediately

per serving 383Cal.