Introduction: Strawberry Cupcakes!

Today I will be making Strawberry Cupcakes. They are homemade cupcakes with creme cheese frosting and a strawberry to top it off!

#HMS2020 #HMS20 #hms


You will need..

1. Bowl

2. mixing tool/ wisk

3. measuring cup

4. Butter , white sugar, baking powder, salt, strawberries.eggs, milk and food coloring

Step 1: Get Your Bowl and And Your Flour, Baking Powder, Salt and Sugar. Then Mix Together

Step 2: Then Get Ur Separate Bowl and And Melt 1 1/2 of Butter and Then Take Ur Strawberry’s and Put Them in the Blender

Step 3: Then Get Another Bowl and 4 Eggs to Get Egg Whites 1/3 of Milk and a Few Drops of Red Food Coloring!

Step 4: Then Get All the Mixtures and Mix Them Together!

Step 5: After Done Mixing Put Inside Cup Cake Pan

Step 6: After Taking Out Let Them Cool Down and Put Ur Creme Cheese Frosting on AND YOUR DONE!!

Step 7: MESS UP!

I didint get to blend the strawberries all the way so it made the batter weird.