String Painting

Introduction: String Painting

This is one of the most sought after painting at Banaao – A Makers’ Playground and it was fun to do it at all maker events.

This painting literally democratizes the designing.These designs can be used for decorating cover pages of files, books, greeting cards etc.

This instructable which teach you on how to make amazing designs using a simple string.


  • · String (Thin recommended)
  • · Water colors
  • · Coloring brush
  • · Color mixing plate
  • · Drawing sheet/White Paper
  • · Creative Mind

Skill : Beginner

Time : 15 mins

Step 1: Playing With String

Take a roll of thread and tear an optimum amount of thread that you want to make design of.

This will depend on the size of the paper and the design you want to make.

General Rule : Cut the thread equal to 2.5 times the length of thread pattern you want to draw. Fold the thread so that the effective length now becomes 1.25 times the length of the page.

Step 2: Colouring the Thread

Take the mixing plate and add some water color to it using the brush. The two ends of the thread should remain outside.

Fold the thread so that the effective length now becomes 1.25 times the length of the page. Hold one end of the folded thread and put the other end onto the water color in the mixing plate. Add more color to it so that entire thread (apart from the length which you are holding) is colored properly. Take your time to do so.The thread may entangle during this activity and that’s completely fine.

Step 3: Design It Up !

Once you are done with coloring it, stretch it up so as to un-tangle it.

Spread the design on the paper as per required design.

Step 4: Almost Done

Fold the drawing sheet into two (Along the length or breadth). Put the thread on the drawing sheet on one half of the sheet in the similar pattern as shown in the picture. You may randomize the design as you like to realize new patterns. Make sure to keep the uncolored end of the thread out of the paper. Now fold the other half of the sheet and press on it with your hand.

With one hand pressing the paper, use the thread to stretch the other end while moving it in a zig zag pattern. Do it continuously until the entire thread is out.
Unfold the paper and see the amazing designs. Further improvement: You may paint the thread in different color combinations along the length to achieve more exquisite designs.

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    Fun craft project. I am going to have to try this with my kids. I think that they would have fun with this.