Introduction: Stuck Clock Button & Blown Light on a 2001 Accord

Clock on friends car never worked. Can't see at night and the hour adjust button is stuck in !

Step 1: The Hour Adjust Button Is Stuck !

Very annoying, hour keeps advancing every second ....

Step 2: Pry Open the Clock

Slip a small screw driver around the clock perimeter, gently pry open the tabs and slip out the clock.

Step 3: Disconnect the Electricals

Squeeze the tabs down and pull out the connectors for hazard light and clock

Step 4: Remove Hazard Light Switch

I knew ahead there's gonna be small, delicate electronics, so might as well remove the switch for more room. Simply squeeze the tabs in and push the switch out

Step 5: Remove the Clock Backing

Use same small screw driver and pry open the four tabs

Step 6: Remove the IC Board & Blub

Four screws held down very tight ! The grey bulb just pushes right out

Step 7: Now Solder a Resistor & LED

My son did this part: We tested on multi-meter that center lead is for instrument consoles. Solider 2" wire to them, add a resistor to step it down to 3V

Step 8: Bend the LED

Theres absolutely no room with cover on,so we notch the side and bend the LED back in. Test to ensure light goes on only when rest of instrument lights.

Step 9: Remove & Clean Bottoms

With the IC board tested, pop out the 3 buttons and clean with water/alcohol swabs

Step 10: Put Everything Back

The IC board needs to be tight against the conducting rubber. I needed a vice grip for extra torque

Step 11: Test Everything Again

Make sure clock and light works before popping things back in reverse order.

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