Introduction: Student Schedule With Auditory Cues

Gather materials needed to construct the Student Schedule and prepare to code the auditory cues needed to make this accessible to most students.


  1. One piece of thick card-stock
  2. Sharpie
  3. Foil Tape
  4. Makey Makey board and alligator clips
  5. Printed schedule of your student (including subject names and time periods)
  6. (Optional) Images that represent each subject
  7. Scratch Program
  8. Glue or Tape

Step 1: Cut Foil Tape and Secure on Card-stock

Cut foil tape into one inch squares. You will need enough squares for all your subjects, as well as one for the "earth". Peel off the backs of the squares and secure the foil tape along the long side of the paper. The foil squares should be close to the edge of the paper so that the alligator clips can reach the conductive metal of the foil tape. After the foil tape is secured, attach the individual subject names and time periods for your student's schedule next to the foil squares. Optional step: Label each square with a number (using a Sharpie) that follows the order of the subjects.

Step 2: Attaching Grounding Clip

Attach one alligator clip to the grounding square in the top right corner of the paper. Attach the other end of the clip to the "earth" area on the Makey Makey board.

Step 3: Attach Clips and Wires

Attach one alligator clip or wire to each of the foil tape squares along the left side of the paper. Make sure the clip or wire is securely attached to the conductive foil tape. The wires should be taped down using small strips of the foil tape. Once all wires have been secured to the paper, clip alligator clips and attach wires to the available slots on the front and back of the Makey Makey board.

Step 4: Create New Scratch Project and Code Schedule

Open Scratch in your internet browser. Download Makey Makey blocks if needed. To code each foil square, you need to add a "When ___ pressed" (green) Makey Makey block and change the drop down menu choice to whichever clip or wire you have attached to that square. Using the Sound block "play sound ___ until done", record your messages for each subject. (ex. "P.E. 8:40-9:20am. You need your P.E. shoes and your water bottle."). Repeat the blocks and recordings for all subject areas.


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