Introduction: Stuffed Bell Peppers With Bacon!

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This is a new entree for us, though we have made stuffed bell peppers for years. This is a good tasting, good meal I know you will enjoy. Uhm goodie, goodie!

Step 1: Ingredients

Little of this a little of that:
Cheese  of you choice. We use cheddar.
Precooked or microwave rice. (microwave rice usually already has a lot of seasings.)
Pasta sauce.
Bacon (we used turkey bacon.
Bell pepper (any color will do).
Sour cream

Step 2: Cooking.

Bell peppers:
 Remove the tops and clear out the seeds and white mucus.
 Put bell pepper into a pot and cover with water.
 Boil the peppers until tender.

Put six or seven slices in a pan and fry til done.

Follow the directions on the microwave pack. Wait till the last minute for this so when you mix everything together, the cheese will melt in. 
Or reheat the pre-cooked rice.

Step 3: Put It Together

Mix all the ingredients (except the bell pepper) in a bowl. You can heat the bowl (microwave safe bowl) in the microwave for a few seconds for everything to meld.

Stuff the bell pepper.

Add a touch of sour cream on top.

Step 4: Let's Eat.

By the way, the stuffing goes great on top of salad too, if you do not have any bell peppers. Enjoy.

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