Introduction: Stuffed Peppers

You've come to the right place if you like spicy foods. Today, I will show you how to whip up some bacon wrapped jalapeños. The mixture between the hickory smoked bacon and the spice of the jalapeño along with the smoothness of the cream cheese is enough to make your mouth water just hearing it be described.


1. Jalapeños

2. Cream Cheese

3. Bacon

4. A Pack Of Sausage

5. A Knife

6. A Butter Knife

Step 1: Slicing and Dicing

Slice each jalapeno in half longways. Do not put your fingers near your eyes after gutting the jalapenos or else they might get irritated and burn.

Step 2: Gutting

Take a sharp knife and begin cutting the white center part out of each jalapeño. After you gut them rinse them under cool water until all the seeds are gone unless you want them to be really spicy then leave the seeds in them.

Step 3: Cream Cheese

Depending on how many jalapeño poppers you make will depend on how much cream cheese you use. I used almost a whole pack of cream cheese. Once you open the cream cheese take your butter knife and get a enough cream cheese to fill the inside of the jalapeño but make sure you don't use too much and have a mountain of cream cheese in you poppers.

Step 4: Sausage

Open your pack of sausage. Once open, start taking small handfuls of sausage and covering the top of the jalapeño and cream cheese. It's important that you cover your cream cheese so when you cook it it doesn't melt out of the popper.

Step 5: Wrapping Bacon

Usually of you have a piece of bacon you can cut them in half and it's enough for one popper. Once you do that, just simply start at the top and wrap your bacon around your jalapeno and sausage until it's fully wrapped. You may have to stretch the bacon a little bit.

Step 6: Something's Cooking

To cook the poppers put them on a rack on top of a pan so they don't soak in the bacon grease and the pan catches the grease. Then, preheat the oven on 350°F and cook them for 45 minutes.

Step 7: Tasty Treats

Once they're all cooked let them sit for about 2-3 minutes and then you're all ready to chow down on some delicious jalapeño poppers!

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