Introduction: Sturdy Book Marker


I have the privilege of working at a public library and during my time working there we acquired a 3-D printer. Being curious by nature, I start experimenting with it, Tinkercad, and vector graphic editors to create custom items for coworkers. Well one of the things I thought about was how could I make a fun and practical book marker. This is the result.


1. 3-D printer

2. Shoe string

3. Superglue

4. Tinkercad account

5. A 3-D slicer

The files for this project can be found on Thingiverse through the following link:

Step 1: ​Prepare or Create Your SVG Image:

  • You can search for .svg files (Scalable Vector Graphic) in Google

For the sake of this Instructable I went with the Tinkercad option which is fun, but a little more rigid than the other two options in terms of pen control. If you use Method Draw or SVG Edit, you will simple save your file and use the "Import" option in Tinkercad.

Side Note: The top name was created with Method Draw, second with SVG Edit, and the last was with Tinkercad. Please do not let the quality discourage....I am simple not as good without my tablet. :)

Step 2: Assembly Time!

1. The holes in the stand may need adjustment and if so I would use a drill to increase this (or resize the file if you’re not in a hurry).

2. Glue the design on the book stand itself.

3. Run the shoe string through the holes of the stand and book end and use either glue or a knot to secure it.

4. Put the other through the additional book end.

5. Slide the bookmark through your paper or hardback.

6. Tighten up the bottom portion of the string against the book and knot it as well.

7. Viola! A reusable and adjustable book marker. I intend to modify the file in the future to make the bookends adjustable as well.

Step 3: Thanks for Reading!

I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did and if you would not mind, please vote for me in the contest. Much appreciated!

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