Introduction: Styling Long Hair: How to Make a Figure 8 Bun

About: I'm a longhaired carfter and knitter with a taste for the silly and bizarre. You can find some of my patterns on my blog - please leave a message if you don't able to read German!

This is my second Instructable.
My hair is actually down to my hips, but it should work with shorter hair too!

Step 1: What You Need

What you need:
- long hair, of course
- a pretty hair stick (or a hair fork, its up to you)

Step 2: Styling Instructions

Put your hair into a pony tail. Don't use a pony tail holder, just hold it with one hand.
Twist it.
Lay one finger slightly above the pony, and coil your hair around it.
Coil, coil, coil... until all of your hair is coiled around your finger.
Hold the bun you've made, take the top layer and fold it up towards the crown.

Step 3: Video

Insert your hair toy, and you're done!!

I've also made a video, 'cos I'm not good at explainig things...