Introduction: Stylish Jeans Mobile Cover (w810i)

Hi guys, i have been an visitor to this site for a long long time and thought of submitting few of my own instructable but never got the time to get it done, so here it is hope you all enjoy it.

Ok now first thing first, i own an Sony Ericsson w810i Walkman phone also know as SE w810i, the phone simply ROCKS ! . its been more then two years and just wanted to change the look and feel for the fun of it (i love to do stuff like this) so what i ended up doing is created an jeans cover for my phone.

First of all this cover does not spoil the phone or some thing similar, in fact you will realize as you read further that on the contrary it actually adds to the protection and comfort.

This method can be applied to any phone any model

So lets get started shall we :)

Step 1: Materials Required

Well the things required are not much and most likely can be found easily.

Materials Required

1) Crystal Case -- If you don't want to spoil your phone this is really required.
2) Jeans Material -- You can even take it from old pants or cut few pieces off, the size required is very less
3) Fabric Glue -- Can be any type actually but this one holds really good against fabric
4) Some toothpicks -- Can be very useful to apply the glue in small areas
5) Sharp Scissor -- I used an little bend one (used by tailors) it helps alot

Well thats about it read on...

Step 2: Crystal Case Meets Jeans

Well, first off lets get the back cover of the phone all "jeansed up"

The basic idea of attaching the jeans cloth to the crystal case is simple

1) take some glue on the toothpick
2) apply the glue on the crystal case reverse side (or outside)
3) place the gluey part on the reverse side of the jeans cloth (making sure the jeans texture is facing down on the ground as shown)
4) put pressure on the crystal case to make sure the glue is doing its job

Step 3: An Exact Fit

Now that the crystal case is attached to the jeans (at least some what)
we need to cut the extra jeans and also attach the sides

To do this we will use a simple trick of smart cutting

1) fold one side of the jeans towards the crystal case as shown
2) holding it in place with your fingers simply cut the jeans along the level of crystal case
3) then apply some fabric glue on the outside of the crystal case
4) again fold the jeans and apply pressure to ensure it joins
5) now carefully cut the slots (buttons) along the crystal case

6) do the same steps from 1 - 5 for the other side
7) do the same for top and bottom side of the crystal case
8) for the top and bottom sides before you cut make an straight cut as show in the picture
9) now apply glue on the inside of the extra ends (that are left over due to our straight cut) and fold them in and apply pressure

Step 4: Its All About Repeatation

Now that the sides and the bottom and top of the back cover are done
its the same process for the front cover, except that in the front panel don't apply the glue on the area of the screen and the keypad but around it only as shown

1) once your done with cutting and gluing all the sides (left, right, top and bottom) of the front
2) once your down with all that you should get some thing similar to the images below

now before you say "Dude where is my screen, camera, flash....." lets get some opening in that cover

1) now comes the tricky part of cutting the screen, keypad, camera, flash and speakers holes
2) first lets get over with the front cover
3) use a sharp scissor that is able to cut at the really tip of the scissor (if you know what i mean)
4) with that sharp scissor pinch the area of the screen to create a very small opening so you can then put more of the scissor in and start cutting the hole along the lines of the screen (by looking from the inside while cutting it)
5) do the same for the keypad , be careful if you have a rubbery keypad as i do, you don't want to cut that
6) do the same with the mini speaker opening on top of the screen (this one is a bit small so try to use needles if scissor can't put a opening in it)

7) now take the back cover and again pinch the opening with the sharp scissor and cut the holes, the back cover is easy to do then the front

after you have do all this you will get to the next step

Step 5: It's Alive !

If every thing went as planned then you should now have an crystal case with jeans all over it
now the only thing left to do is brush off the extra threads and clean it up a bit and then fit it to your phone

The process is simple just a tad bit tedious, this process can be applied to any phone and does not require any crystal case if you are willing to directly do it to your hard cover (which is really don't recommend)

And as in any other article or posting i do not accept any responsibility for any damages that this might or might not do to you or any of your belongings.

That legal stuff aside hope you enjoyed this instrutable, please feel free to comment and post your experience and also your creativity of what you did with this and your output would love to see it.

Thanks for your time and efforts in reading this.
- Nirav Shah

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