Introduction: Stylish Magnetic Knfie Holder

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I wanted a magnetic knife holder for my new knifes. But the ones in wood are really expensive, from 120 dollars and up for the ones that I liked. So I made my own.

Step 1: Stylish Magnetic Knife Holder

I have some birch planks so I cut a suitable piece out and plaed it to ge a nice surface.

I used a router to make the edges perfectly straight with a good finish.

Step 2: Making Room for the Magnets

I used the router again to make it hollowed and the surface thin enough for the magnets to hold the knifes up. The surface is around 2 milimeters thick and it worked fine with the magnets that I got.

After some measuring and marking it was easy to rout out the wood. Just make sure the plank is restricted and gradually extend the router to take one layer at the time.

Step 3: Grinding the Surface

Now it's time to grind the surface to make it nice and smooth.

I used the router again to make the edges nice and round.

Step 4: Attaching It to the Wall

I bought a cheap knife holder, it does the job but it doesn't look as good. But the magnets and wall bracket is of great use.

I removed the magnets and glued them to my board. The wall bracket is magnetic as well so when the glue was dry, I simply put it in place.

Step 5: Hang Up the Knifes

So, here we are. If you measure the distance between the magnets before you glue them to the board, the knifes will automatically hang at a good distance from each other on the wall.

Good luck!