Introduction: Stylizing Your Bar

Have a few empty bottles lying around in your room?

Want to add something fancy to your bar?

Then try making original bottle glass cups and glow-in-the-dark bottles.

These are easy to make, and will make great additions to your bar.

Bottle Glass Cups - Materials

1. Bottle

2. String (8+ inches long, depending on the size of the bottle)

3. Something to cut the string with

4. Lighter fluid

5. Something to put the lighter fluid into

5. Lighter

6. Cold water

NOTE: If you're clumsy, or prone to injury, maybe have some band-aids on standby, we believe in you though.

Glow in the Dark Bottles - Materials

1. Bottle (750mL or 25 oz)

2. 2 Highlighters with color of your choice

3. Pitcher

4. Knife

5. Black light

6. Water (500mL)

7. Liquid laundry detergent

8. Funnel (optional)

Proceed to the next page for Bottle Glass Cups, or skip to Step 4 for Glow in the Dark Bottles.

Step 1: Making a Bottle Glass Cup - Choose a Bottle

First, you will need an empty glass bottle, so either dig one out of the trash/recycling, pick one up off the ground, or grab a full bottle and make it empty (If you're under 21, you have to pour it down the drain, because you wouldn't want to break the law).

Any bottle should work, although, the thicker the bottle, the cleaner the break. **REMEMBER** Whatever design is on the bottle, will be the design of your cup, so choose carefully.

If the bottle has a paper/sticker label on it, you should probably take it off first, cause those can catch fire/melt and that wouldn't be very fun.

Step 2: Prepare to Crack the Bottle

Tie a string around the bottle just above the label. Or wherever you want, just know that the the smaller the opening, the harder it is to clean.

If you have a really thick bottle, you may consider tying more than one length of string around it, this will help ensure that the heat from the fire makes it all the way through. **REMEMBER** If you do tie more than one length, then you should try and keep the strings as close together as possible, this helps with the concentration of heat.

Where you tie the string will determine the height of your glass cup; if you prefer taller cups, give an extra space above the label.

Step 3: Soak the String in Lighter Fluid

Slide the string off from the bottle. Do not untie the knot in this fluid.

Then, soak the string in lighter fluid. Watch out for any dripping of the fluid to avoid any fire hazard.

Step 4: Crack the Bottle

Take the string and carefully roll it back on to the bottle. Then proceed to light the string on fire.This works the best if you rotate the bottle while you light it on fire, so that the flame spreads.


Just before the flame dies, or once you hear a crack in about 10 seconds, run cold water on the string, still holding the bottle horizontally. The upper part of the bottle will snap off (You may have to CAREFULLY pull the top off yourself).


Step 5: Polish the Glass Cup

You are now one step away from having a custom glass cup.

Using a sandpaper, sand the edges of the glass cup (where it snapped) until it is smooth. If this process is not done thoroughly, you may get injured from drinking with this cup. If the break was not very even, you can sand it for a longer time to even out the cup. **REMEMBER** Don't cut yourself, broken glass is sharp.

Now you have a glass cup! Repeat steps 1~5 to make multiple glass cups. You will need to use a new string and a new bottle each time, but all other materials can be reused.

If you sand and save the top of the bottle, you have yourself a handy little funnel to use for the next section!

Step 6: Making a Glow-in-the-Dark Bottles - Choose a Bottle

Now, let's make a fancy, decorative Glow-in-the-Dark Bottles.

You can use any bottle, but the following steps and materials will be based on a 750mL bottle (ex. Smirnoff). So if you are using a bottle of different size, adjust the amount of materials accordingly.

Clear bottles are recommended for best results.

Step 7: Pour Water in the Pitcher

Pour 500mL (or 2/3 of the bottle) of water in the pitcher. If you are using a bottle of different size, use enough water fill 2/3 of the bottle.

Step 8: Prepare the Highlighter Ink Packs

Now, take out the ink packs from highlighters using a knife. Pry open the back ends of the highlighters.

In this step, be careful not to:

1. Injure yourself with the knife

2. Drop ink packets on clothes or floor to avoid stains.

Step 9: Add Color to Water

Place the highlighter ink packs in the pitcher. Wait until a desired amount of color is extracted, and then remove the ink packs from the pitcher.

It will take a few minutes for the entire ink pack to disperse. Waiting time can be shortened by manually squeezing the ink packs using a knife.

The longer the ink pack is kept in water, the darker the resulting color will be. Remove the ink packs early if you want light colors.

Step 10: Pour the Water Into a Bottle

Cover the table with paper towels, and place the bottle on top of it. The water could easily spill and leave a stain, so be sure to have paper towels handy.

Once the table is covered, slowly pour the colored water from pitcher to the empty bottle. If you saved the top of the bottle from making glasses, now is it perfect time to use it!

Step 11: Finish the Coloring

Fill up the rest of the bottle with laundry detergent, preferably a transparent one. The laundry detergent helps with the illumination of the bottle.

Seal the bottle, and shake it to disperse the detergent.

Step 12: Test the Glow With Black Light

Place the bottle in front of a black light, and watch it glow.

The glow will differ by the choice of highlighters and laundry detergent you use. Repeat steps 6-10 as many as times as you want, and try them out with different highlighter colors.