Introduction: Stylus for Touchscreen

Easy, cheap, professional looking stylus for touchscreen devices.

This is my first instructable, so please comment and let me know how I did and what I can do better.

Step 1: Materials

Double sided tape (this is for making it look clean, if you don't have any just tape around the out side)
Candy wrapper (not plastic, I know that Hershey Bar wrappers and Rice Krispy wrappers work)

Step 2:

Cut the wrapper into a strip long enough to touch your hand while using the stylus and wide enough to wrap it around the pen.

Step 3:

Use the double sided tape and completely cover the outside of the strip you just cut. (If you do this, the outside of the stylus will be the inside of the wrapper and will look clean).

Step 4:

Stick the strip with tape onto the end of the pen (not the one with a cap and a point) with the double sided tape on the inside. Wrap. Leave about 2 cm left on the end.

Step 5:

Fold the end into thirds. To make it stay, add double sided tape and put it in between each layer.

Step 6:

Put another layer of double sided tap on the end. Fold it over (tape on the inside). It should look like the above.

Step 7: Don't Have Double Sided Tape?

Just follow the steps above and ignore the double sided tape parts. At the end just wrap the whole thing in regular tape. This won't look as good, but it still works!

Step 8: Tips

1. When using this stylus, your hand must always be on the wrapper.
2. If it's not working very well, try tilting or turning the stylus.

Step 9: Another Version

If it's still not working well, just do this:
Get a strip of wrapper (this strip needs to be a bit thinner), and tape it onto the pen. Leave about 2 cm out. Put some tape on the end and just fold it over. Leave a little space between the end and the wrapper. I made another version that is this type using a pencil. It looked like this.