Introduction: Styrofoam CUTTER

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This is my invention for cutting foam moldings.

It also works with polyurethane baseboards.

Step 1: Parts

The main part is the heating nichrome wire 0.4 mm. I bought it on this online shop:

And of course the bench power supply from my last project:

Step 2: Frame

I made a wooden frame from boards 100 x 20 mm. Just because I had had it :-)
I made a gap 5-10 mm for adjusting string tension. And a one screw for it.

Step 3: Washers

I used square and round washers and screws to fixing nichrome wire between them. And made small groove for wire.

Step 4: Cable

A cable is connected to the ends of the nichrome wires.

Step 5: Base

The base is made from plywood and the simplest hinges.

On the base I marked lines for 90 and 45 deg angles.

Step 6: Result

I provided 9V, 3.38A for foam cutting. In the picture is more for red light :-)

Done! Please, watch the video! Bye!