Introduction: Subwoofer Driver Damaged Rubber Repair!

About: As a Subwoofer can do more enjoyable traveling.

-Assess the damage. Depending on the severity of the cut, you may need some other scaffolding material (aside from RTV silicone) to enclose the hole.

-This is especially true if a chunk of the rubber material is completely missing from the rubber surround.

-In this case, all we need to do is cover up the tear with RTV silicone in order to make the subwoofer almost as good as new — functionally, at least.

Step 1: Unscrew 8 Pies Screws Using Either a Screwdriver or Cordless Driver!

Be careful if you use a cordless driver for either screwing or unscrewing — you don't want to strip the screws or the enclosure's holes. You also don't want to accidentally create another hole in the rubber surround with either tool.

Step 2: Screwdriver I Had On-hand!

-Use a flat pry tool (such as a flat-blade screwdriver) to prop up an edge of the subwoofer.

-Slide your fingers underneath the sub so that you get a good grip on its edge.

-Carefully lift the subwoofer out of the enclosure, minding any wires that may be tethering the sub to the enclosure.

Step 3: Clean Damaged Surround!

-Use a clean, lint-free cloth to wipe away any dirt/grease/grime that would otherwise tarnish the bond between the rubber and RTV silicone.

-Inspect the underside of the tear and also gently clean it with a cloth, if needed.

Step 4: Putting Nitrile or Latex Gloves!

-Time to get dirty. Put on your favorite brand of nitrile or latex gloves.

-Put a dab of RTV silicone on a disposable plate, or some other clean, non-essential surface.

Step 5: Cut the End Off a Cotton Swab in Order to Transform It Into an RTV Applicator!

-Alternatively you can try removing all of the cotton from the swab, but you certainly do not want any cotton fibers to remain on the swab.

-Dip the swab into the RTV silicone, and use it to apply the RTV silicone to the underside of the subwoofer tear.

-You do not need a huge amount of RTV silicone on either side of the rubber surround — just enough to form a very thin layer.

Step 6: ​With the Underside Coated, Put a Dab of RTV Silicone Onto Your Gloved Finger.

-Gently spread the RTV silicone across the front of the torn subwoofer surround.

-Again, you don't need gobs of RTV silicone in order to make a strong bond — just enough to form a thin layer.