Introduction: Successful Self Hypnosis in Five Easy Steps

Do you know that the mind has the power to do anything that you desire? You might find it hard to do but self hypnosis is doable and here I am giving it in five easy steps. You don't have to sweat it out, all you need to do is follow these steps and enjoy the benefits of DIY self hypnosis.

Step 1: Know What You Really Want

Sense the subconscious mind favors what you really want, its good to focus on it instead of what you don't want. For example, if you don't want to get ill—besides, who does—then focus on perfect health. The idea is to be positive because the mind is designed to be optimistic.

Most of the hindrance to attaining a positive mind set is that we are more focus on the form rather than the essence. We are more in grossed with the physical rather than the feelings. If you are more focus on the feelings or the essence, your options expand.

Step 2: Claim What You Believe to Be Yours

The moment you have a good idea of what you really want, use your imagination and picture yourself as already having your desire. Heighten the state of hypnosis by engaging as many of your sense as possible. The idea here is to disengage yourself from your conscious mind and the real world around you for as long as possible. The subconscious mind does not distinguish between whats in the real world and what is real only in the mind. It concludes as real what you feel as real at the moment.

Step 3: Remove All Known Obstacles

Think of self hypnosis as planting seeds. If you want to have a good harvest, you plant only the choicest seeds. In hypnosis, you plant the best seeds by imagining the desired outcome. You don't have to worry about whether the plant will grow or not because it has the capability of growing when the desired environment is provided. Your job is to provide your imagination with the right environment for it to grow in fruition and you can do this by removing all the obstacles that serves as hindrances. Perhaps the biggest obstacle to accomplishing your dreams is negative thinking. Remove this obstacle because this is a weed that hinders imagination.

Step 4: Trust and Let Go

This step is perhaps the most difficult step for most people. To just trust that your imagination can accomplish what you desire and to let it go to where it wanted to go is just too much to some. We all have control issues at varying degrees. We all want to drive our own thoughts like driving a car but when we do this, we forget that our minds can and have the power to drive itself to where it desires to go.

Step 5: Recognize When You Get What You Imagine

There are times when you don't get exactly what you imagine. There are times that what your mind accomplishes is slightly different from what you asked it to accomplished. There are times when what you accomplish is slightly lower than what you imagined, but there are also times when its far greater than what you've expected. The point here is to recognize the similarities rather than focus on the difference.

When you recognize the power of the mind, you will also realize that you have a lot of options to improve yourself. What you have is within your reach, all you need is to recognize it and seize it!!!