Introduction: Succulent Display From Thrift Store Finds

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I’m on a succulent craze and I just can’t get enough of them! Every time we visit a nursery, the first thing I look for are the succulents. At this particular nursery, they had individual plugs as well as the pots shown above. I love to get them as plugs and then grow them bigger in progressively larger plastic pots.

Once they’re big enough to re-plant it’s time to find them permanent homes.

By the way, a succulent display like this one is the perfect Mother's Day gift; succulents need very little water and care so even my mom can't kill them!

Step 1: You Will Need

Value village is my go-to store for thrift finds. During my last trip, I found a grouping of 3 hexagonal ceramic planters and a square ceramic plate – also ceramic.

I gathered up all my stuff: a specially mixed potting soil suitable for succulents which allows for drainage (succulents don’t like to be waterlogged), the three pots and an assortment of succulents.

Step 2: Ensure Planters Have Holes!

I started by removing the plugs from the containers. I was lucky that they already had holes. When they don’t have holes I just drill my own with a ceramic bit; it’s an easy fix.

I had scraps of landscape cloth which I used to cover the holes. The cloth keeps the dirt from escaping after watering.

Step 3: Arrange

I put the little pots into the planters to see what would look best and switched them around until I was happy with the result. I removed one plant then added soil to the container. I use a plastic spoon to transfer the soil into the pot; it also comes in handy for filling the gaps, as you see a little further down.

Step 4: Plant and Mist

Make a little hole in the soil, remove the succulent from its pot and insert into the soil. If you want, you can gently tease out some of the roots first. Don't be too aggressive though because the soil will fall away easily since it's sandy.

After inserting into the hole, fill in any gaps with more soil and gently compress around the plant. Once it’s firmly planted I mist the soil so the succulent will settle into it’s new home. I keep a spray bottle handy just for misting succulents. I find that it prevents them from getting too much water vs. a watering can.

Repeat planting and misting with as many containers as you have.

Step 5: Decorate

Since the last container was larger, I put two plants into that one. I also added a few decorative stones. Lastly, I placed a silver coated ceramic bird off to one side. It adds a bit of sparkle and the bird is more than fitting given our blog name! It looks so sweet nestled in amongst the succulents!

Step 6: Find a Place in the Sun!

I arranged the 3 planters on top of the thrift store plate and set it in the sun in front of a window. The plate is shallow, but is perfect for catching any water spills! After a few days, I took it down to my craft studio where it’s now sitting on top of my waterfall dresser.

There’s always room for a little more greenery in my craft studio!!

Step 7: More Flower Ideas!

If you’re partial to succulents in the garden too, like this flowering chair planter, our new Instructable shows you how to make your own hypertufa planter. It’s perfect for succulents!

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