Introduction: Sugar-Coated Orange Bites

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Welcome to my first instructable!This will show and tell you how to make these sweet but healthy snacks.You will need:

A small plate
A small bowl/dish
A small amount of sugar
Some pure orange juice
One or more satstumas,depending on how many snacks you wish to make.
A teaspoon

The perfect quick and easy snack to make when you find out your having the unexpected guest.Also,made from common household products.

Step 1: Preparation

Preparing for your practical is always important. Ensure that you wash your hands first thouroughly before preparing food.Pour your orange juice into your dish and place your teaspoon into your sugar pot.Make sure that you your work area is large enough.Also,peel your satsuma if you already haven't.

Step 2:

This is the messy part.Beware-your fingers will get sticky!You need to dip your orange segment into the juice so that it has been covered in the liquid.

Step 3:

Now,take out the piece of orange.Juice may drip on your worktop.Then,scoop up a tiny bit of sugar onto your spoon.Put your orange piece onto the plate.Pour your sugar over the top of your orange piece.Repeat this until you've finished all of your orange pieces.

Step 4:

Now place your snacks into the refridgerator. If you would like to eat your snacks soon,i suggest you keep them in the fridge for 10 minutes,best served chilled. Any excess sugar and juice will appear on the plate.Consume within 24hours.