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Introduction: Sugru Soldering Iron Stand

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Sugru is a really interesting material, pretty much anything that you think that requires an elastic silicone or plastic can be done with Sugru. At H3 Laboratories Makerspace in El Paso, we do a lot of work with electronics and it is common to see soldering irons just hanging from a piece of wood or ina precarious position while not in use but still connected.

For this reason, we made a simple yet, very useful Soldering Iron Stand with Sugru

Step 1: Get Some Sugru

Head over to and get some black Sugru this material is really cool, you can shape it to any geometry and it will set overnight and fix this problem.

Wash your hands before starting.

Step 2: Make a "U" Shape That Can "grab" Your Iron.

Get the Sugru and make it into a broad base and make a U shape at the top, like fingers that grab the soldering iron like you do when working with it. (The part that does not get hot).

Make sure that you test the size of the U for the size of your soldering iron, you want the "fingers" to be a tight fit so that you can snap on the soldering iron and it does not move. 

Step 3: Glue the Base to Your Workbench

Glue the base to the workbench and let it set for approximately 24 hours. Now you will always have a really good snap on workstation soldering iron!

Clean up the base with some rubbing alcohol and/or soapy water and you are done!

This guide was made at the Hacknight hosted by H3 Laboratories sponsored by Instructables and Sugru in El Paso, Texas.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I really like this, I have a those spring metal holder but you can burn yourself with then. I also have the same iron.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, love this project. You could also sugru a suction cup to the underside of this rest so that you can position it on your desk so that it doesn't move around... Like the suction cup I added to the back of an Arduino to stop it moving around, particularly with cables attached etc.