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Introduction: Sugru Toothbrush Stand

Electric toothbrushes are great aren't they? Well, yes, until you come to put one down. Unfortunately, the clutz who designed them decided to make the top heavy object exceedingly slim at the base, meaning the thing is likely to topple over at any given second. Here, I can show you how to fix this...

Step 1: Grab Some Cling Film and the Charger...

Place some clingfilm over the base of your charger and then place your toothbrush onto the charger. This makes a perfect cast of the inside of your toothbrush...

Step 2: Use the Cast to Insert Your White Sugru...

you will need one small packet of white sugru for this job. Need in your fingers for 30 seconds s per the packet instructions and then make into a long sausage and poke into the clingfilm lined toothbrush cavity...

Step 3: Now Press to the Spot You Want Your Toothbrush to Live...

Place the base of the toothbrush in the position on your sink / shelf/ you want to house your toothbrush and push down to squash the sugru so it makes a pancake just protruding from the base of the toothbrush

Step 4: Now Dap Your Fingers in Some Water...

smudge the edges of the sugru down flat and then use water to smooth further so there is no discernible edge to your sugru stand

Step 5: Leave to Dry and Set for 24 Hours and Hey Presto!

make sure you leave the sugru for at least 24 hours to set and dry and the next day, you will have a lovely permanent house for your toothbrush... and it wont ever fall over again!

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