Introduction: Sugru Custom Fridge/whiteboard Magnets

[This instructable is a result of the 2013 Sugru Build Night at the Warsaw Hackerspace]

We bought some cheap neodymium magnets to use as whiteboard magnets, but they are so small and powerfull that it is impossible to remove them from the whitboard with bare hands.

Fortunately with a little bit of sugru we managed to transform them into cool custom magnets that are easy to use.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

*Various tools for sculpting
*Waxed paper/some kind of foil to prevent sugru from sticking to your work surface (we learned this one the hard way :P)

Step 2: Do It!

Think of a design and make it out of sugru!

Attach the magnet to the back of the sculpture. You can cover it up with sugru to make sure it doesn't fall out.