Sugru Tipped Pegboard Accessory




Introduction: Sugru Tipped Pegboard Accessory

The hangers we have for the screwdrivers at Workshop 88 didn't have any rubber tips on them. Sometimes the tools would slip off unexpectedly when the workbench gets pounded on.  

I decided to put some Sugru on the tips of the holder.  One packet of Sugru was enough to cover all the tips of the hanger.

You can see the tools on the hanger in the photos.  The other nice thing is that now the sharp ends of the tips are covered with rubber.

This was really easy to do!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Did you choose not to use Plasti-Dip? It is much cheaper than Sugru and in situations like this one, much faster and arguably more effective. I have even seen people paint their entire truck with it and then peel it all off after some abuse off-road or otherwise. I am just offering information here, not criticizing. Here is their website if you are interested: