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Introduction: Suitcase Drum Set

At 79 Years old I thought I can do this so. Here it is ,the 3 drums? are secured
by Banister rail brackets (perfect) the throne is a Shower seat with old throne seat fitted (This is to reduce the weight as did leaving out the snare drum (metal) and the stand) The cymbals at attached to the case via basic drum kit brackets. The kick is attach via a large hinge with a felt stick on pad. I added a tinny holder . the suitcase is French made and bought fro a charity shop for £5. The photo is of me playing my pride & joy kit at my "79th might not make it to 80th birthday bash"

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Lord Mick
Lord Mick

7 years ago on Introduction

finally finished...i hope these Pics explain the build...its still heavy but I will hire a Roady (My Son)

Lord Mick
Lord Mick

Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Its still in Plan J at the moment but I will post more detailed pictures lated..The Shower set has a 8" drum attached so it can be used as a Cajon.The Brackets, Cymbal rods,shower seat,cymbals are from Amazon.

This is my second attempt at a suitcase drum Kit ....The first one was great as every thing packed in nicely BUT I could not lift it (see pic) with heavy snare drum & seat