Introduction: Sukiyaki!

Sukiyaki! Even if you don't know what the name means, just pronouncing it (with the exclamation mark) sounds like so much fun and excitement. The easiest way to describe a sukiyaki is that its basically a sweet flavored Japanese hotpot, perfect for sharing with your friends.

Step 1: Materials

  • Sliced beef
  • oyster mushrooms
  • shiitake mushrooms
  • mini brown mushrooms
  • an egg
  • onion
  • ginger
  • napa cabbage
  • green bean sprouts
  • tofu
  • sukiyaki soup base: buy it whole, or mix sake, mirin, soy sauce and sugar.

(Wash everything other than egg and meat)

Step 2: Cutting

  • Cut cabbage into inch-chunks
  • cut tofu into 1 cm thick slices
  • slice oyster mushrooms in half
  • chop green bean sprouts
  • chop onion into large chunks
  • cut 4 thin slices of ginger
  • beat the egg into a bowl

Step 3: Sear the Meat

Add some vegetable oil to a hot pan, and throw in the beef to sear for a few minutes. The purpose is to lightly brown the meat so that it doesn't release blood into the soup.

Step 4: Set the Plate

In a large frying pan or (more preferably) cast iron hotpot:

  • lay the ginger and small mushrooms in the bottom
  • add sections of napa cabbage, oyster mushrooms and tofu
  • make a ring of bean sprouts on top
  • place the meat in the center
  • place shiitake along the bean sprouts
  • pour half bottle of sukiyaki sauce, add 4 cups of water

Step 5: Cook and Eat

  • Cook on high and cover the pan with lid to reach boil
  • boil for 3 minutes lid on (set heat to medium so that it doesn't spill)
  • set a tabletop range on the dinning table
  • place the sukiyaki pan o the table, keep it boiling as you dig in!

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