Introduction: Summer Blouse With Pattern

Many years ago when I learned how to sew I started this blouse, but I didn't finish it. Now I decided it was time to finally take this project to an end.

I had an old sewing pattern(Simplicity 3045/304)6 which comes with its instructions. That is the one I followed.

I digitalized the pattern because probably I will make a second blouse with other fabric.

I added the file of the pattern so you can make it to!


Gather the basic sewing supplies:

  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Chalk

And some useful for this project:

  • Zipper ( I didn't have one so I used pressure buttons)
  • Printed pattern

Step 1: Using the Pattern to Cut Out Your Fabric

I cut it with the old pattern I had, but if you are using the pattern I adapted you should follow this steps:

  1. Plot the PDF (It is scaled 1:500). You should print it 1:1 on a plotter, the pattern fits in 85x120 cm.
  2. Cut out the fabric, some pieces are cut once, some twice and some 4 times.
  3. The fabric I used had a gradient from flowers to white, so it is important to pin the pieces before cutting anything to make sure the colors fit your taste.

Step 2: Sewing the Pieces

Sew the Straps:

  • Fold the piece in two and sew along one short edge and the long edge
  • Turn it inside out


Sew the Belts:

  • Fold the piece in two and sew along the slanted edge and the long edge
  • Turn it inside out


Sew the Bust

  • Sew together a bust piece and a rib piece (edge marked A-A' in the pattern)


  • Place two pieces together with the outer side facing in
  • Just sew the top sides.
  • Sew a strap to each rib.


Sew the Skirt:

  • Sew together the front piece with each of the back pieces (edge markedB-B' in the pattern)
  • Sew together the two back pieces, but just until the "Z" mark of the pattern. That'll leave space for the zipper or button

Step 3: Construction of the Blouse

Join the main pieces.

  • Place pins joining the triangular marks of the skirt. Basically make sure that with the hem the skirt has the same measurement as your waist. As a reference my waist is 28".
    • Place pins joining the triangular marks of the bust. This will give it form to fit your bust it may be looser o tighter depending on your body.

      Pin the skirt and the top part together and try it on check the fit,

      if it is fitting properly carry on sewing it together.

    Step 4: Finishing It

    • Attach the shoulder straps to the bust piece.
      • Try it on first to make sure they are long enough four your confort
    • Attach the pressure buttons in the skirt back or a zipper if thats what you prefer. The pattern says it should be a zipper but I didn't have one, that is why I used buttons.


      Sew the belts from the opening in the back part of the blouse.The idea is that when you wear it you take a knot with them, but you could also stitch it to the bust so its not so loose. I tried mine with the belt but decided to skip it at the end because I liked it better without it and it is not necessary to maintain the form of the blouse.

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