Introduction: Summer Colours Makeup Look

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I googled 'Summer Colours' and created a look using only them colours. I like trying to make makeup fun and try something a little challenging. Would you wear something this crazy?

Step 1:

First with this burnt orange shade you want to blend this into the crease with a large fluffy brush.

Step 2:

With a smaller fluffy brush and a aqua blue you want to also blend this into the crease keeping it a little lower than the last. You want to then also clean up the lid with some concealer and take it up to the crease.

Step 3:

With a shimmer yellow shadow you want to apply this in the inner corner and take it up the crease but keeping it on the lid.

Step 4:

Then with a shimmer blue shade you want to apply this on the rest of the lid.

Step 5:

With a navy blue shadow and a pencil brush you want to apply this where the lid and crease colours meet. Also apply this to the outer part of the eye.

Step 6:

Then going back in with the crease shadows blend this on the lower lash line and make sure if everything is blended.

Step 7:

With a eyeliner apply a wing to your eye. You want to extend it a little longer on the inner corner and this help your eyes to appear larger.

Step 8:

Apply some mascara on the top and bottom lashes and then pop on some false lashes.