Introduction: Extreme Kitchen Cleaning - Organising Kitchen

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Here is my extreme kitchen organisation where hopefully i can give you motivation to get your home organised room by room.

Step 1: Take Everything Out

The first thing that is best when doing any organisation is to take everything out and put it back in. you then get to see everything you have and can decide if you should keep it or not

Step 2: Clean

Once everything is out make sure you give everything a good clean

Step 3: Get Rid

Make sure you donate the things you dont use. its best to make space for things you actually use

Step 4: Clean Everything

Make sure to clean everything even if you dont think it needs it. you'd be surprised how dirty places get

Step 5: Disinfect Everything

Give all the surfaces a clean to get rid of any germs

Step 6: Hoover

When organisation the floor can get really dirty from all the dirt coming off everything that has come out of the cupboards so give it a hoover.

My hoover >>>

Step 7: Scrub

As its a deep clean i got on my hands and knees and gave it a deep clean

Step 8: Make It Smell Amazing

The last step which is my fave is get your fav zoflora and put it in your sink with some hot water. it will make the room smell amazing

The scent you need >>>