Introduction: Summer Crafts for Kids: Egg Carton Caterpillar

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Kids love to learn all year round, even in the summer! Teach them about insects and keep their imagination growing with this fun egg carton caterpillar.

What you’ll need:
• Egg Carton
• Scissors
• Green Paint
• Foam Paint Brush
• Craft Glue
• Craft “Eyes”
• Dum Dums

Step 1:

Remove the top of the egg carton. Cut the bottom half of the egg carton in half lengthwise; these will be your caterpillars.

Step 2:

Paint the caterpillars green. The top part of the egg carton can be used as the dish for the paint! Allow to dry.

Step 3:

Apply two dots of craft glue to the front of one of the ends. Place your craft “eyes” on the glue and allow to dry.

Step 4:

Poke two holes in the top of one of the ends of the caterpillar. Then insert the stick of a Dum Dums in each hole. These will be the caterpillar’s antennas.