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Hope you guys enjoy this video! I really wanted to make this video for a couple of different reasons, but I mainly wanted to do it because I haven’t been on YouTube in so long! I really have miss you guys, but I have been just so busy lately, and at the moment, like is not going in the direction that I want it to, so please bare with me! I love you guys so much!

If you guys want me to do a Wash & Go Tutorial, full routine, then comment below

This is my Summer makeup look, which is closely related to my 9th grade look that I did in my other video which I will link right here:

Here are all the products that I used in the video


- Water

- Lotta Body Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk

- Olive Oil

- Eco Styler (Argan Oil)

- Diffuser

- Concentration Nozzle

- Remington Diamond Edition Blow dryer


- Revlon Illuminance Cream Shadow


- Great Big Lash by Maybelline in the Color Blackest Black with the BIG brush


- Clean Finish Matte by Rimmel in the color 440 Natural Beige


- L’Oreal Lineur Intense in the color Black


- Stay Matte by Rimmel in the color 005 Silky Beige

Eye Brow Brush

- A Mascara Wand (DIY tool)

Eyebrow Liner

- NYC Kohl Brow/Eyeliner 921 Jet Black


- NYC 319 Violet Shine

If you guys liked this video, let me know, because I am in love with the Summer, and would love to make more of these! Also, my birthday is tomorrow, which has made it even more fun to make this!

My next video will be out soon, so stay tooned!


- Slow Motion Remix

- Summer’s Gonna Hurt Remix

- Lean On Remix

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See you guys in the next video

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