Introduction: Summer Fun

Enjoy the fantastic feeling of summer. This is a great way to have fun with not a lot of mess and great for the whole family. And all in just 3 easy steps!

Paper towel 
Felt tip marker
Acrylic paints
painting cup or container 
Coloured paper (optional) 

Step 1: Felt It...

Using a felt tip marker, make the outline and detail to the starfish or whatever      animal you are doing. (Draw it onto the paper towel.)

Step 2: Paint, Paint, Paint!!

Grabbing your acrylic paints, squirt a little into a painting cup or container and add a little water to it.  Do the same with all the paints until you have a watery paste.

Step 3: Make the Underwater Animal!

Using the paintbrush paint the watery paints onto the paper towel. It is also a good  way to just make little dots then they will spread. Do it with all of the colours and  let it dry! You could even make a face on your creature and stick goggly eyes on it   like I have! After wards use a black marker and outline it again! You could even do  the same with sea weed and stick it on the coloured piece of paper too. Cut it out and stick it on the coloured card and there you go!
Have fun making this awesome piece of artwork and please post comments and photos if  you have made it! Decorate the page with glitter glue, glitter and beads. Whatever you want really. Have fun!