Introduction: Why Is All the Rum Always Gone. GROG

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I discovered Grog last winter as a slightly boozy, quick and easy drink (pretty good too) to warm up in the evenings. Then it got hot in Kansas! I needed something cold and wouldn't dehydrate me to much.

(Drink Responsibly) Never Drink And Drive (Drink Responsibly)

Grog as I understand the drink

Grog was made for the purpose of making the stagnant water stored on ships for long voyages more palatable and and safe(ish) to drink. It was made from pretty much anything the sailors (or whoever) could get there hands on. different alcohols were used by different countries navy's, fruit was added for flavor and nutmeg (because back then nutmeg was put in everything).


What you will need.

  • fruit and mint (fresh is best but feel free to improvise)
  • a jar with lid
  • ice (for the brain freezing)
  • alcohol (rum is traditional for caribbean grog, whisky is traditional American) Make it your way.

Step 1: Summer Grog

Grog was and should be made from stuff that is available so look around and find some fruit and other handy tasty things (mint), your favorite bottle (your wiling to mix with) and ice in your favorite shape. (I like cubes because they are easy)

  1. Gather and prep your fruit and mint. (Citrus is traditional but I'm out of my favorite limes so lime juice it is)
  2. Put the fruit and mint in a pint (475ml) jar with a hand full of ice.
  3. Add your Alcohol 1 to 3 fingers (depending on your responsibility's) Never drink and Drive!!!
  4. Slap a lid on the jar and shake the flavor out.
  5. You can strain out the bits if you like. (its an extra step and I can just use my teeth as I drink)
  6. Add more ice (if needed) then top off with cold water.
  7. Enjoy
Alternate Option
Use lemon lime soda to get a near Mojito like drink.

Step 2: Winter Grog and References

Winter Grog (picture coming when it gets cold again)

  1. Put the kettle on.
  2. Grate some nutmeg into your mug and add your fruit (or juice). (I like green apples)
  3. Add your alcohol. (amount depends on you responsibility) Never drink and Drive!!!
  4. Top off you mug with hot water.
  5. Enjoy (the nutmeg gets stronger the longer you sit and sip it)



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