Introduction: Summer Trees Purse

I collect bags and purses.  As a result, I make bags and purses.  I have had this purse frame for a while, and was inspired to make a little bag embellished with embroidery and beads.  It is a great size for and evening out.

Step 1:

First I drew a design and selected the fabrics.  I have a huge remnant stash, so everything came from that. 

You can see the design lines of the landscape meet from piece to piece.  I labeled the pieces a,b,c&d to keep the design in order.
I cut out the bag pieces of the base fabric, leaving about 3/8" extra fabric around the pattern.  Then I interfaced with iron on interfacing.  I drew the landscape lines on the fabric pieces, and machine stitched along them.
I cut fabric to cover the top area of landscape and machine stitched it to the base fabric, using the previous stitching as a guide.  Trim the top edge of the fabric close to the stitching.

Step 2:

I traced out each tree and traced the outlines onto the adhesive side of iron on interfacing. I used the water soluble pen on the interfacing.   I roughly cut around each tree, and ironed it to the wrong side of the selected tree fabric.   Then I cut out each tree.

Using the design, I placed each tree, the furthest back first, and moving forward.  I embroidered around each tree with blanket stitch.

After placing the first tree, I satin stitched the edge of the green fabric.  The other trees were placed on top of the stitching.

Step 3:

Continue to add layers of fabric and satin stitching the top edge, until all fabrics are in place.

Step 4:

Now, start sewing on beads and embroidery.  I used tiny size15seed beads for the red and pink flowers, purple seed beads for the grapes and doubled perle cotton for the french knot roses across the bottom.  Do not embellish too close to the seam line.  Go back after the seams are stitched and complete the work.

Step 5:

When all pieces are embellished, position the patterns on each piece and carefully cut around pattern.  Stitch 1/4" along each long edge of bag.  You will have to clip the seam to ease it around the bottom of the bag side.  Pin and stitch the bag together.

Step 6:

Make a lining using the same patterns, and stitch together.  I pieced together some fabric scraps and did use iron on interfacing for the lining.

Press the upper, flat part of the seams open, using a pressing ham helps.  I pressed the curved part toward the bag.  I used a decorative machine stitch to finish the seams of the lining.

Place bag and lining right sides together.  Stitch the center one inch of each side piece.  Clip fabric to stitching at each end of seam.  Turn right side out.  Zig zag stitch the top edges of the bag and lining together.

Step 7:

I spray painted the metal purse frame to co-ordinate with the colors of the bag.  Then stitch the frame to the top of the bag.  You can make your stitches small, or big to make a statement.  It is kind of tricky to stitch the bag to the frame, but take your time and work through it.  The little seamed sections on the sides are the frame hinge area. 

Step 8:

I picked up  length of chain at my local Ace Hardware Store.  It is a great place to get chains for jewelry and crafts.  Use pliers to open the links and attach to the purse frame.  I made this chain 48" long.  I can wear it over my shoulder or wrap it around my wrist.

The finished bag size is about 7" wide by 9" tall.  It fits my hard side wallet easily.
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