Introduction: Crochet Medallion Necklace

This medallion is adapted from a crochet pattern I found in a Vogue crochet book.  Seven medallions are stitched together, painted and beaded. 

Step 1:

Six of the medallions are crochet with size 20 cotton and one is made with size 10 cotton.  Leave long ends of thread at beginning and end to use for joining the medallions and adding beads.

Medallion pattern:  ch6, join with
Round 1.  ch1, 16 sc in ring, to first sc.
Round 2.  ch6, sk2sts (dc in next st, ch3, sk1st) seven times, to third ch of ch6.  You should have 8 loops.
Round 3.  ch1, (1sc, 1h.dc, 5dc, 1h.dc, 1sc in ch3 sp) eight times, to first sc.  end off.

Lay out medallions in an arrangement that suits you and use the ending thread to tack the pieces together on the back side. 

Step 2:

Paint the front side of the medallions the color of your choice.  Use paint sparingly and work into texture of crochet.  The paint will stabilize the crochet.  Place medallions on your chest where you want it to lie, and measure for how long the necklace should be.  Assemble your clasp and jump rings and deduct the measurement from the length needed.  I determined I needed 11.5 more inches of necklace, and my clasp measured 1", so I needed 2-5.5" pieces to finish necklace. 

For each remaining segment:  ch the number of inches you need, in this case, 5.5", having an even number of chains.  Leave a long tail at beginning for sewing.
Row 1.  sk 1 ch, sc in each chain, ch1, turn, should be an odd number.
Row 2.  sc in each sc across, ch1, turn, should be an odd number.
Row 3. sc in first sc, (ch2, sk1sc, sc in next sc) to end of row, ch1, turn.
Row 4.  in each ch2 sp across (1sc, 1h.dc, 5dc, 1h.dc, 1sc), end off.  Leave a long tail for sewing.

Paint the front and back of these pieces.

Step 3:

Using the beginning threads, string beads into center of each medallion.  Run through sc ring on back side of medallion to secure thread.  Paint back side of medallions.

Use the ending and beginning threads to attach the clasp at one end and the medallion to the other end, then use the thread to add beads to the bands.  Knot the threads where they meet.  Paint the bands again, using the paint to seal the thread ends.

Step 4:

Trim all the thread ends and you have a light, airy summer necklace.

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