Introduction: Summer Watermelon Coasters

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Hey everyone! Don't you think we should start celebrating summer/spring with one big juicy slice of watermelon? I do! This is DIY Ideas Very Creative,beautiful crochet watermelon coaster pattern! I'm not even sure why I made these besides the fact that they are really cute.....I don't even use these XD although they do make fantastic gifts and they can be whipped up in about 10 minutes! I am also selling already made watermelon coasters and some other cool crochet items I also take most any custom orders on my Facebook page Every Little Stitch Counts! 50% of all profits go to 3 different charities so be sure to check that out!

Lets get to this Fresh,Crisp watermelon coaster shall we? (Did I make you hungry for watermelon yet?)


Sc = single crochet

Dec = decrease

Inc = increase

SlSt = slip stitch

Dc = double crochet

CC = change color


- 3.25mm crochet hook Hooks

- scissors scissors

- tapestry needle Needles

- worsted weight medium 4 100% acrylic yarn (I chose Red Heart in the colors red,black,green and white) yarn

Step 1: The Interior

With your Red/Pink yarn

1. chain 4 then make 12 Double Crochet in the 1st chain

2. place 2 double crochet stitches in every stitch around (inc)

3. place 1 double crochet stitch then 1 increase stitch around (dc1,inc)

Step 2: The Shell

change the color of your yarn from red to white

4. single crochet 1 whole row

change color to green

5. single crochet 1 whole row and slip stitch in the very last stitch.

fasten off and tie pairs of yarn under neath the coaster together, then take a long strand of black yarn and create seeds on row 3 by skipping 3 double crochet stitches at a time, then toe underneath and your done!

Congrats! you now have your very own watermelon coaster! please leave pictures of your finished product! I would love to see what you've made!

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