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Introduction: Sun Puzzle to Learn Fractions

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This is a puzzle and a way for children to start to understand fractions. This is a very simple project to make, but the angles need to be precise to fit together well. This is why I chose to use the laser cutter for this project.

You would also be able to cut out the pieces by hand by tracing the shapes onto a piece of wood and using a bandsaw to carefully cut them out.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


YuKonstruct has a Epilog 60 watt laser cutter -- the main tool for this project.

I used CorelDRAW to make my pattern, which is attached here if you'd like to use the same design.


• 8.5" by 32" piece of 0.25" thin piece of plywood
• Sandpaper
• Acrylic paints and paintbrush

Step 2: The Base and Circles


I wanted to make half circles, quarters, and eights so that they could all fit together. You could also use other fractions (thirds, fifths).

I cut out 5" circles and fractions.


I decided on a 8" by 8" base to fit the circle pieces in to. I chose a very simple design (sun/star) to rastor on to the wood around the cut out circle. I will likely do other iterations of this base in the future with different designs (caterpillar, flower, etc.)

After cutting out the pieces using the laser cutter, I sanded down all of the edges of all of the pieces (including the base).

I tried every iteration of the puzzle to make sure that all of the pieces would slot easily into the base.

Step 3: Paint and Finish

Using acrylic paints, I color coded the circle fractions:

• half circles: Blue
• quarter circles: Green
• eighths: Yellow

I then painted the base for the puzzle.

Once dry, the project was complete!

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