Introduction: Melt-in-mouth Sunny Silk Roll Ups

Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to introduce you to one of my favorite snacks that I can binge on without any heartburn anxiety looming over me! Yes, an addictive snack that's not unhealthy...

These scrumptious softies have a texture to obsess over...they are the right mix of savoury and sweet which makes for a perfect binge snack. The only problem is that they're super light & you can never get enough.

It's a very simple recipe to prepare but I've heard people complain about how fussy it can get sometimes. So I want to show you my full proof & easy method to get it right. Let's get started!

Step 1: Get the Supplies

Main ingredients:

● 1 cup Gram Flour a.k.a. Besan (This is the yellow variety of chickpea flour)
● ½ cup Yoghurt or curd (lightly beaten)
● ½ inch Ginger & 1 green chilli (grounded together) I'm using a very mild chilli but if you like it hot, go ahead and use a spicy variety.
● ½ teaspoon turmeric powder
● 1 teaspoon salt (adjust as per taste)
● 1 teaspoon sugar (you can add an extra spoonful if you want it to lean on the sweeter side)
● 2 cups water

Tempering Ingredients(if you want to make a no oil version, skip this part):

● Coconut oil (1 tablespoon). I've used coconut oil for its flavour & health value but any cooking oil works
● Black Mustard seeds (½ teaspoon)
● Black Sesame seeds (½ teaspoon)
● Asafetida (1 pinch)

● Heavy bottom pan or cooking pot
● Mixer/blender or food processor
● A clean flat surface (kitchen counter, baking trays or steel plates flipped over)
● Spatula
● Mixing spoon
● Tiny wok for tempering

Step 2: Prep the Surface

As I said, the process is very easy if you follow the instructions. The only trick to get it right is making sure the mixture is still hot while spreading (Step 5). So we have to go from Step 4 to Step 5 without wasting any time in between. We can do that easily if the spreading surface is prepped beforehand..

I've used flipped over steel plates for spreading (it took me 4 large ones). You can also use baking trays or kitchen counter. The advantage of using a counter top is that you can make a single large batch.

Whichever surface you use, it needs to be smooth, clean and dry. Greasing it with oil is not needed.
Don't forget to keep the spatula & knife handy too!

Step 3: Mix It Up

Now for the actual recipe!

● Start by putting all the main ingredients in your food processor/blender (except water).
● Pour only half the water (1 cup) to begin with and blend till you get a smooth batter.

Sweet tip: I almost forgot the sugar until last minute. I hope you don't. A little teaspoon really helps balance out the flavors and gives the snack its addictive kick.

Step 4: Get That Arm Working!

● Pour the mix into your cooking pot & add the remaining 1 cup water to make the mixture thinner. (Ignore my claw-hand in pic.1)

● Adjust the stove on medium flame & start cooking the mix. It will take around 8-10 minutes to thicken.

Smooth tip: The trick here is to keep stirring continuously to get a non lumpy, smooth batter.

● Turn off heat when the texture is thick, creamy and does NOT slide off the spoon easily.

Step 5: It's Spreading Time!

Slap a large spoonful of the mix on your prepped surface and spread it out evenly as thin as you can. Do this with the entire mixture while it is still hot.

If you're using a counter top, just empty the entire pot over it and spread away..

If your sheets don't look super even don't worry, they're not supposed to...but if they somehow do, know you did an awesome job!

Step 6: Take Out the Knife..

Once the sheets are cooled down, cut straight lines around 1-2 inches apart.

Step 7: Let's Roll!

Start rolling tightly from the bottom of a single strip all the way up till you end up with a. . . well, a super soft roll up!

Practice some self control and try not to gobble it up. If it looks too wide, slice it down the middle and place carefully on a plate.

Repeat with rest of the batches.

If you're skipping the tempering step, this is it! Go ahead and enjoy your snack without any oily guilt..

Step 8: Tempering

Put the tempering ingredients (see supplies) in a tiny wok. Turn on the heat.

As the mustard seeds start sputtering and crackling in oil, turn off heat and pour as much as you like over the roll ups.

Let go of the zen and attack!

Step 9: Taking It Far (extra Tips)

The rollups taste yummy, plain as they are, but you can always take it a step further. Use your choice of dips, prepare some stuffings and make it your own!

To make stuffed rolls, I spread a thin layer of filling on the sheets before cutting & rolling up as usual. Though sauces are messier to work with than dry ingredients, it's worth the mess.

If you're not a roll-up fan, after step 4 you can pour the mix into a cake pan & let it cool before cutting up bite sized pieces (which you can shallow fry or enjoy with cheese dips).

I'll show a detailed recipe with my all favorite variations in another instructable.

Happy Cooking till then!

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