Introduction: Super Beverage Cooler

To create an instant beverage cooler from an old water cooler.
Replace the compressor with a bigger one, replace the condensor with a bigger one, chop a couple feet out of the middle, charge it with propane & fill the tank with brine!

Step 1: Out With the Old

After the sheet metal & plastic sides are removed, this it what is left.

Step 2: Cutting It Down

We cut the metal rails down to just longer than the combined height of the compressor and the tank.
(oops, no pic)

Step 3: Discard the Old Condensor

Chopped out the old condensor & started putting it all back together.

Step 4: The New Condesor

The new condesor.
From an old window AC unit.
It's much shorter & also has a much larger capacity.

Step 5: Compressor

The original compressor was about 1/10 horse, the new one is 1/4 horse. Fits on the same mounts, though!
We added that coil of copper tubing above it to prevent the compressor drawing liquid from the evaporator.
We used the original cap tube, as the chart called for 43" of #1 & we had 60" of #5. I calculated them out to about the same volume. So it should work?

Step 6: Coil & Compressor

A little closer view

Step 7: Fans

We put a pair of 24V 5" fans on the condesor to keep things cool. Hooked up a 24V transformer to the thermostat to only let it run with the compressor.

Step 8: From the Front

The stainless steel pot on top is where the water jug normally goes. We filled it with salt & water 'till it wasn't too icy...

Removed & plugged the valves from the front.

This unit had a hot water supply, too. We removed it.

I'm geusstimating about 22% salt in the brine solution

Step 9: BRRRRRR!

10 degrees F!!

It cools a can of room temp beverage to low 30's in about 2 minutes.

Step 10: Skylar Gives It Bling!

Yes, he really added these wheels. No, they don't actually support any weight. He fabricated a bracket that bolts to the side of the cooler & holds them about a 1/4" off the ground.

Step 11: Working on a Lid...

Built a lid out of a "foraged" piece of aluminum.
And a grill out of expanded steel.

After much thermostat adjusting, the brine runs between 12F & 18F.

The compressor runs VERY cool & quiet.

Propane is a darn good low temp refrigerant.

(oops, lost the pic)