Introduction: Super CNC

This time, I used the fusion 360 3D modeling software to search the CNC laser engraving machine on the Taobao, Jingdong and other websites to find out the size and weight of the CNC laser engraving machine.

The new two-dimensional planar laser structure is adopted, and the laser head is placed on the y-axis head, making the movement more convenient

Step 1: Power Structure Stepping Motor

Set up step motor. The power part adopts 42 type stepping motor. Considering that laser engraving does not need a lot of force, the motor can provide just the right power.

Step 2: X-axis Motion Mechanism

Establish X-axis motion mechanism. The motion mechanism adopts the transmission mechanism with belt driving the smooth rod movement. The diameter of the sliding rod is 8mm. Double sliding rods are used. The sliding rod is equipped with a rolling shaft to ensure the smooth movement. The support platform is respectively fixed on both sides of the sliding rod, and the step motor is fixed on the upper part of the support platform, and is connected with the belt shaft. Make the engraving machine move in the x-axis direction.

Step 3: Y-axis Motion Mechanism

Establish the y-axis motion structure. The y-axis also adopts double polished rod, the diameter of rod is 8mm, and the rod is also equipped with rolling shaft. Two aluminum plates are set up in the center of XY axis to set up the belt axis in its center. The purpose is to make the belt move from four belt axes and make XY axis move smoothly, so as to ensure the stability of laser during carving.

Step 4: XY Axis Assembly Structure

Assemble the XY axis, and set up the laser head fixing clamping device at the Y axis head. The device is made of aluminum plate, with a threaded hole drilled in the middle. The laser head can be fixed vertically at the Y axis head with a screw through the threaded hole, with the laser head facing down, so as to ensure the smooth carving.

Step 5: Laser Head Setup

According to the data collected on the Internet,create a sketch to stretch, then dig a groove, then form a slot array into a vent, then create a cylindrical laser head, and fix it on the fixture. The final rendering is as shown in the figure

Step 6: Final Assembly

Assemble the XY axis of the model, laser head,aluminum plate, rolling axis machine belt shaft, and complete the CNC laser engraving machine as shown in the figure.

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