Introduction: Super Charge a Screwdriver Bit

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Recycle a vacuum cleaner into an electromagnet. Magnets are magic and people throw them in the landfill every day. When you have a motor it has magic hidden inside. This super easy project will open your mind to that old vacuum cleaner.

Step 1: How I Did It

I used the field and switch from an old vacuum cleaner and a spare battery from my Bosch screw gun.

Step 2: Wiring

This is the simplest of circuits. Connect the battery to the field with a 1/4” spade terminal. Connect the other field wire to the switch with a crimp or wire nut. The last wire from the switch completes the circuit when connected to the battery with a second 1/4” spade terminal. A few more cable ties to dress up the loose ends adds some class.

Step 3: Caution

Electric magnets can be very powerful and lifting heavy things is fun but dropping them on your body hurts. Lithium ion batteries can catch fire if overheated leaving this on for a while can generate lots of heat. This field winding was designed for 120 volts so the 18 volt battery is relatively safe. Be cautious about using a lower voltage field winding with too powerful a battery.

Step 4: Super Charge

One of the useful things to do is rejuvenate a magnetic screwdriver bit. By placing the bit on one pole and the screw on the opposite pole the power is doubled.

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