Introduction: Super Cool Bench Power Supply

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Every hobbyist wants to have a Bench Power Supply, either for testing or powering.So We gonna make one using a PSU from a old PC

Step 1: Gathering the Parts

We gonna turn some old PSU from a PC to a Bench Power supply with a Voltmeter and Continuity tester.

Part list:


Buck boost converter


Banana Sockets

Push to ON switch

USB Female

Continuity Tester

Acrylic Sheets

Step 2: Understanding, Planning and Tinkering

The next important step is planning out, how your power supply is going to look and mainly the dimensions of the parts top be fitted, this is gonna take some time but its worth the time.

I wanted something different, sleek and make people think what this would be.

Understand how the computer PSU works also matters, you can find out a lot of details on ATX power in the net.

Open the PSU and learn the wiring, most of them have the details marked on the PCB itself

I'm using Autodesk Fusion 360 for designing. Export the sketches to .DXF diagrams

and Laser Cut the sheets

Do not remove the protective cover on the outside of the Acrylic Sheets, they protect from scratched till things are done.

Check if all the components fits into the holes.

Solder, Sleeve the wiring and Add crimp terminals.

Start gluing from the base,

Before closing the chassis, Test!

On Success full test close the box.

Step 3: Finishing

Once finished with gluing start removing the Protective film from the below, I used some Aquarium suction cups for the base to make it anti skid.

Follow and remove all the covering.

Power On and enjoy your new bench power supply.

Cheers :)

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